El Oro (Magical Town)

An old and important mining town, El Oro ('Gold') has conserved a natural charm that continues attracting visitors. With its French neoclassical Juarez Theater and the art nouveau-influenced mural at the Government Palace capturing the attention of those who venture here, there's always more history and past to discover hidden among the town's cobbled streets.

To fully discover the warmth and happiness of the inhabitants of El Oro, you must take part in the “Carnaval de Cuaresma” (Lent Carnival). Among costumes, processions and fireworks, kings are crowned and the “quema del mal humor” (burning of the bad mood) is performed. Don’t miss the chance to eat at “El Vagon”, a restaurant fitted out in the back of a station wagon. You can also visit Teatro Juarez, where the great tenor Enrico Caruso used to sing, and the Museo de Mineria (Museum of Mining) to look into the depths of the mine tunnels.

El Oro de Hidalgo, State of Mexico, Mexico El Oro de Hidalgo Mexico