Vehicle tour in World Farmer and Zoo near Hacienda Cantalagua

Things to Do in Contepec, Mexico

Hacienda Cantalagua

Among the many reasons people visit Hotel Hacienda Cantalagua is the chance to experience the attractions and activities of Contepec, Mexico. Below, you will find popular things to do just a short drive from the hotel. 

Tepetongo Waterpark

Located along the lake, the Tepetongo Waterpark is perfect for families and friends looking for a wet n' wild day in Toluca (Contepec), Mexico. Cool off in the wave pool, challenge yourself to great heights on the Velociraptor, let the kids splash around in the Children Aquadomo or participate in a fun family game of volleyball. Other services include a restaurant, camping areas, lockers, taco bar, souvenir shops and more.

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World Farmer And Zoo

Take the family for a fun-filled day at the World Farmer and Zoo, where they can enjoy a visit with animals such as ponies, goats, bulls, exotic birds and bunnies.

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El Oro (Magical Town)

An old and important mining town, El Oro ('Gold') has conserved a natural charm that continues attracting visitors. With its French neoclassical Juarez Theater and the art nouveau-influenced mural at the Government Palace capturing the attention of those who venture here, there's always more history and past to discover hidden among the town's cobbled streets.

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Angangueo Magical Town

Hidden away amidst the Sierra Madre Oriental mountain range in Michoacan is the town of Angangueo, a small, traditional village with a rich mining history. This place is ideal for spending a few quiet days entrenched in the culture of Michoacan.

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Cuitzeo Magical Town

The name of this Magical Town means 'places of jars' and has to do with the huge lake of the same name. Its location has allowed a degree of isolation over the years and so the former Santa Maria Magdalena (Saint Mary Magdalene) Convent has not been significantly altered.

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Tlalpujahua (Pueblo Mágico)

Tlalpujahua enchants with the secrets held in its streets and mines. A mountain town where the air is fresh and pure, its cobbled streets are lined by businesses selling all kinds of crafts: from Christmas balls, holiday items, and decorations to feather art, pottery, and stone fountains.

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Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary

As a World Heritage Site, the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary is located in Sierra Chincua. It’s a popular tourist attraction because it contains most of the over-wintering sites of the beautiful and unique monarch butterfly.

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Declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991 for its well preserved colonial buildings and historic center layout, Morelia is a popular stop for most tourists visiting this central part of Mexico.

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Templo Del Carmen

For those who have a passion for historic churches and 18th-century architecture, Templo del Carmen is the perfect attraction to visit while on vacation in Toluca (Contepec), Mexico.

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Located in the Mexican state of Michoacán de Ocampo is a charming colonial village, situated at an altitude of 2500 meters.

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Only 30 mins from Hacienda Cantalagua, Maravatio is a municipality in the Mexico state of Michoacán that offers tourists much to see and do.

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