Tlalpujahua (Pueblo Mágico)

Tlalpujahua enchants with the secrets held in its streets and mines. A mountain town where the air is fresh and pure, its cobbled streets are lined by businesses selling all kinds of crafts: from Christmas balls, holiday items, and decorations to feather art, pottery, and stone fountains.

Bring enough money so that you can buy all kinds of handicrafts in the one and only Casa de Santa Claus, a place that has a huge number of locally produced decorations. You will also find handcrafted ceramic, the most extensive selection of bobbles in all shapes, sizes and colours imaginable. Visit La Casa de las Conservas (The House of Preserves) or enjoy a delicious coffee at La Terraza. Visit the Presa Brockman and climb onto a horse or quad bike; jump on a boat and go fishing for bass or appreciate the jeep-driving skills of the more intrepid among us.

Tlalpujahua, Michoacán, Mexico Michoacán Mexico